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Deluxe Metal Roof

Interior view of Deluxe Metal Roof on Chalet 12x18

Green color on Chalet 10x10

Brown color on Chalet 10x18

Interior view of Deluxe Metal Roof on Supreme 10x12

Green color on Manhattan 12x12

Brown color on Supreme 12x16

The Deluxe Metal Roof is simply the best hot tub enclosure roof on the market. It is made of textured steel panels with a natural shake profile reinforced with 2x3 wood and double lined with mahogany plywood. Each roof panel has an insulated air pocket to reduce noise from getting in or out of the hot tub enclosure. All the roof panel connections are U-Joint for leak proof protection. When you are inside of the hot tub enclosure and you look skyward you will see finished mahogany not exposed metal.

The Deluxe Metal Roof is available in two colors, either Garden Green or Taupe Brown.

The Deluxe Metal Roof is available on several gazebo models in both Hip Style and in Gable Style.

Steel Wood Roof

Green color on Vista 12x16

Brown color on Vista 10x10

Interior view of Steelwood Roof on Vista 10x12

The Steelwood Roof is a durable corrugated metal roof that is virtually maintenance free.

The Steelwood roof is lined with mahogany plywood providing a clean finished interior ceiling appearance.

The Steelwood Roof is available in two colors, either Garden Green or Taupe Brown.

Black Privacy Windows

Bronze Tint - interior of Supreme 10x12

Bronze Tint - interior of Chalet 10x14

Black privacy windows

Black privacy windows external view

The Black Privacy windows upgrade provides the ultimate protection from nosy neighbors. The windows are 99% opaque allowing no one to see in or out unless you open the windows.

All spa gazebos come standard with bronze tinted windows if ultimate privacy is not requested. Please compare the photos below to see the difference between “Black Privacy” versus “Bronze Tint”.

Screen Kit Upgrade

Soffit Screens

Screen Kit - Shown on Supreme 10x12

Screen Kit - shown on Supreme 10x10

Screen Kit - shown on Chalet 12x18

The Screen Kit upgrade is available on most gazebo models. The screen kit consists of screens for all the windows and soffits which enables you to enjoy your spa enclosure mosquito free year round.

Snow Load Upgrade

Snow Kit upgrade - shown on Supreme 12x16

This Snow Load Upgrade provides extra hot tub enclosure roof support for those areas that receive heavy snow fall.

This hot tub enclosure upgrade consists of extra rafters, snow extension rafters, a truss system, and metal brackets for the roof.


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